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Boxing betting at Parimatch India

Boxing is considered to be one of the oldest kinds of sport. The first official boxing competition dates back to 688 BC and took place at the ancient Olympic Games. They began to fight professionally in the ring in 1867. Much time has passed since that moment, but the basic principles have remained unchanged. 

So, boxing is a contact sport, which is single combat with the participants in the fight striking each other with their fists in special gloves. The fight lasts from 3 to 12 rounds and is supervised by the referee.

The purpose of boxing is to make an opponent injured, which will prevent him to continue the fighting or to make the opponent fall down for 10 seconds.

A few decades ago, experienced bettors tried to avoid professional boxing as one of the types of sports competitions. This sport was rightly considered one of the most corrupt. Today the situation here has changed a lot. The boxing federation has launched an active fight against “agreed” fights, and boxing betting Parimatch have regained their popularity among clients around the world.

The entertainment of this sport can hardly be overestimated, as well as the number of bets on boxing around the world. Maybe you didn’t know it before, but some boxers are considered to be the richest people in the world – their fees are estimated in millions of dollars, and one of the reasons for such richness is the flurry of boxing bets.

A considerable number of bookmakers provide their clients with a chance to place a bet on boxing matches, and Parimatch online betting is one of them. This company offers to place bets on the most significant sporting events in the world of boxing, the grandeur and fascination of which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Parimatch India provides its clients boxing betting and this is a unique opportunity to enjoy the amazing show and receive significant material profits.

Boxing betting has a long history as the sport itself. Even in ancient times, people made simple bets on the victory of one of the fighters. Beyond controversy, now the industry has made great strides, but the desire to cheer and bet on our favorite fighter is still with us.

So, what makes Parimatch the best sports betting site in India? Well, first of all, the great advantage of this Indian bookie is the support of many languages, if you want to practice your English then Parimatch English version is for you!

Secondly, there is an opportunity to play in different formats: from the official website from the computer and the smartphone, or with the help of the Parimatch app, which will help you always keep your finger on the pulse and not miss interesting fights.

Third, what about without 24/7 customer support? After all, different questions can arise at any time. For this, Parimatch provides free day and night customer support.

And for dessert: you can be sure about your private information, money, and the legality of the game because Parimatch India is the very rare case of legal betting in India!

Live boxing betting in India

Parimatch online betting offers boxing broadcasts of all fights, which you can watch absolutely free. Also, on the Parimatch site, you can investigate boxing online results and they are updating in real-time. 

Actually, online sports betting in India has become popular thanks to the ability to do boxing live betting.

This Indian bookie offers a wide range of bets on boxing and betters have the opportunity to choose between bets on the winner, early win, draw after all rounds of the fight, and other types of bets. Also, you can watch boxing online and make live bets based on what is happening in the ring. Before in-play betting, you need to collect information about the physical condition of the boxers, their motivation, and other factors that may affect the outcome.

Nowadays boxing betting is not as easy as it was in ancient times, but now there is a wider choice of bets.

Well, it’s time to take a closer look at the types of bets you can make with Parimatch sportsbook.

The duration of the battle. This bet offers to predict the number of rounds, including the last round in which the fight will end.

Parimatch online betting covers the main boxing events and offers its clients a good selection of bets. Boxing is a real show! Nowadays it is much easier to become involved in it – you just have to bet on your favorite fighter.

Parimatch boxing bonus

Parimatch often offers its users various bonuses. So, for example, every beginner can get a Parimatch welcome bonus. To get it, you just need to register a personal account in the online boxing betting system.

You can’t withdraw it but you have the opportunity to use this bonus for your first bet.

Also, after the first replenishment, you can get the first deposit bonus. Parimach often makes such promotions not only for beginners but also for active bettors.

Boxing betting tips

Let’s move to the most important thing – how to bet on boxing.

There are a lot of factors influencing the correct choice for betting. But we will help you to get acquainted with free boxing betting tips and they will help you be confident in your choice.

  1. Bet on a competent boxer who chooses the right tactics and distributes forces.
  2. Anthropometry is not a primitive method of assessment. Consider the natural weight, height, and arm length of the fighter.
  3. Bet on a strong-willed fighter. Often the outcome of a confrontation is determined by persistence. Remember willpower.
  4. Don’t rely on hitting. Knockout is good, but only with the right opponent. A competent fighter will not allow him to be knocked out with one blow.

And don’t forget to study and compare the odds and remember that Parimatch India boxing odds are the highest!

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