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How To Watch IPL Live Free in Hotstar

IPL is one of the most spectacular sports events over the globe, which attracts millions of both cricket fans and avid punters. The biggest cricket league has started this year despite the possible obstacles of the quarantine restrictions in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. No doubt that the officials could solve any issue to conduct each match of the IPL 2021 tournament successfully.

In addition to the entire IPL preparatory process, the live spectators and the online audience of loyal fans were not left without an opportunity to watch the cricket tournament live wherever they are. Many sportsbooks are offering live streaming options to keep track of the favorite IPL league. But the fewest can provide the complex package in high quality and for free for the Indian audience to enjoy the lovely sporting event and get satisfied from the exciting IPL performance.

How to watch IPL live free? How to watch the IPL 2021 match online for free? Is Hotstar legit and free to track IPL tournaments for every Indian? Does Hotstar provide mobility in watching IPL 2021 live streaming? The answers to these and more questions are presented in this article for Indians to benefit from Hotstar, one of the best live stream providers. 

Watch IPL 2021 Live

The IPL tournament started on April 9, 2021, and was completely ready for the most fantastic cricket contest in the world. Indians are proud of this cricket league as they contributed to it the best star players who provide amazing performance. Thus, the world has loved cricket for Indians players whose gameplay entices the eyes of fans whatever origin they are.

Hotstar is here for them to get pleasure from the most fabulous event in the nation. The good news for Indians is that Hotstar decided to keep on with the free package on offer last year. In this case, the provider shows interest in keeping the thrill of their audience and loyal customers. Accordingly, by prolonging the free package in-store, Hotstar allowed Indian cricket fans to see a feed with 5 minutes of delay. It means that users can see IPL 2021 for 5 minutes before it will ask to subscribe.

Joint Disney + Hotstar has become a core to the IPL 2021 tournament in India and other parts of the world. The part of Walt Disney-owned video streaming service provides original Disney content and legacy titles such as Pixar and Marvel, hundreds of other movies, and shows from renowned production companies like HBO, Fox Channel, and Showtime.

The Hotstar network itself also possesses independent digital rights for host games like IPL, Premier League, and F1. Additionally, Disney Plus Hotstar offers various films and shows available in local Indian languages, including Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil, directed at a broader audience.

Moreover, if Indian users prefer watching matches of the IPL tournament on their mobile phone, Hotstar has cared for it too by providing eligible mobile apps. The same way they’re used to watch on TV through Hotstar, they can enjoy via a respective mobile app installed in their gadgets.

IPL Live Streaming Hotstar Subscription Pack

To enjoy the IPL match completely on Hotstar, one needs to go through a subscription on Disney + Hotstar. This streaming plan allows Indians to watch even more than just sporting events like TV Shows, Movies, live cricket, and other affordable things.

Hotstar, along with Disney, has beneficial subscription plans for every customer to stay pleased. They offer three categories:

Of course, they differ from each other in terms of conditions to follow. The free plan or so-called affordable offers simple content and is ad-supported. While Premium and VIP plans require some funds to access the content. Here are the general features to consider about each subscription plan Disney + Hotstar provides.


Disney + Hotstar subscription plan Prices + Benefits of Plans Plans Validity
Disney + Hotstar Free
  • kids content available
  • live news channels
  • short clips
  • free 5 minutes access to live sports
Disney + Hotstar Premium
  • Disney + movies, shows, kids content
  • 7 multiple blockbusters
  • exclusive Hotstar specials
  • live sports: cricket, formula 1, Premier league
  • latest Indian TV shows’ episodes at 6 pm daily
Rs 299 per month

Rs 1,499 per year

Disney + Hotstar VIP
  • kids content, Disney movies, shows
  • 7 multiple blockbusters
  • variable live sports
  • exclusive Hotstar specials
  • latest Indian TV shows’ episodes at 6 pm daily
Rs 399 per year

Overall, Hotstar has all benefits to take from when the customer can afford to pay for the monthly or annual subscription when it comes to Disney + Hotstar Premium or VIP plans. But the major part of users in India considers taking advantage of the Disney + Hotstar Free plan, which allows watching the content for free without subscription.

In this case, there are some ways to follow in order to receive a free Disney + Hotstar subscription and enjoy IPL 2021 live online. These conditions are for those who are:

In addition, it is essential to highlight some significant points when subscribing to Disney + Hotstar:

How To Watch IPL Live In Hotstar Free? (For Jio Users)

Those who had a Jio are lucky to watch IPL live for free on Hotstar. There is no need to subscribe to the premium or VIP Hotstar plan. The Jio user only needs to keep the following steps:

In addition, the first step in using Hotstar live match for free considers some Reliance Jio plans one can try out as a prepaid plan. It involves having a Jio Fiber plan at home that enables them to watch also Vivo IPL match for free on Hotstar. The main prepaid plans are mentioned below.


Jio Prepaid Plan Validity Benefits
Jio Plan for Rs 401 28 days 3 GB / day

Hotstar+Disney, Jiocinema, JioSaavan

Jio Plan for Rs 499 56 days 2 GB / day

Hotstar+Disney, Jiocinema, JioSaavan

Jio Plan for Rs 598 56 days 1.5 GB / day

Hotstar+Disney, Jiocinema, JioSaavan

Jio Plan for Rs 777 84 days 1.5 GB / day

Hotstar+Disney, Jiocinema, JioSaavan

Jio Plan for Rs 2,599 365 days 1.5 GB / day

Hotstar+Disney, Jiocinema, JioSaavan

How To Watch IPL Live In Hotstar Free? (For Airtel Users)

When it comes to Airtel users, there is also good news for them. They can live stream IPL 2021 free without any premium membership. The main requirement is to have a Hotstar app installed on the smartphone. The process of Airtel plan activation is equal to Jio plan subscription and sticks to such steps:

Accordingly, Indian IPL fans can get access to Disney + Hotstar VIP membership with Rs. 401, 448, 599, and 2,698 Airtel prepaid plans. Following one of these plans allows the user to start immediately watching live IPL matches on Hotstar live. The plans for Airtel users have their benefits as well:


Airtel Cricket Price Pack Data Validity
Rs. 401 28 days 30GB
Rs. 448 28 days 3GB / day
Rs. 599 56 days 2GB / day
Rs. 2,698 365 days 2GB / day

Whatever Airtel Cricket Price Pack plan to choose, the user needs to download an appropriate app on the phone to leverage the Hotstar prepaid plan of live IPL match then.

Moreover, Airtel users can benefit from the Disney + Hotstar VIP membership by enjoying a tone of other options produced by the content on the Hotstar platform, except for live sports. These advantages are classified into:

IPL Live On Hotstar With Flipkart Plus

Indian have all chances to reap benefits from Disney + Hotstar membership through Jio or Airtel TV. But for those who use the Flipkart Plus plan got the same opportunities to keep track of their favorite IPL live. This plan provides an offer to subscribe to Disney + Hotstar’s annual premium for free by only using available Flipkart Plus Coins.

To leverage this plan, there are main steps to consider:

By keeping simple steps, the user will be happy to get Hostar Premium for free and watch IPL live streaming with all benefits it offers. It is important to mention that the students are not left out of attention. When dealing with Flipkart Plus membership, the students can get it for free for only one year. Thus, they can enjoy the spectacular performance of the worldwide cricket league on the Hotstar platform.

To conclude, a loyal audience of Indian IPL fans have got a great privilege to benefit from digital Hotstar provider. It works perfectly with any plan mentioned above, whether with Jio, Airel, or Flipkart Plus Coins. To log in to each of these plans, one can use the same credentials to activate and any portable gadget: from TV, PC to smartphones, and other devices. In order to track IPL matches Live, it is necessary to download the Hotstar app on the device and enjoy it in any place and at any time.

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