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Every loyal fan of any sport wants to always be aware of all the events of his favorite team and players.

Free access to such information is especially important for them. It does not matter what kind of sport it is, football, tennis or cricket, each of these types has famous players who want to follow their sports life not only for fans but also for those who are not fond of watching sports.

For high-quality information provided, a professional web platform is needed so that every Internet user can get all the necessary information about their pets and an example of such a high-quality site is the cricket line guru.

Cricket originated in the 16th century in the south of England. By the end of the 18th century, the game had become one of the national sports. The expansion of the British Empire helped spread the game around the world. The first test matches between national teams were held in the middle of the 19th century. …

Cricket fans know the basics and details of the game by heart:

  1. A cricket match involves a competition between two teams, each of which is represented by eleven athletes.
  2. The game is played on an elliptical grass field.
  3. In the center of the field, there is a rectangular earthen area – pitch.
  4. The pitch is 22 yards or just over 20 meters long and 10 feet or 3 meters wide.
  5. There are wooden gates at the ends of the pitch.
  6. The playing areas at the ends of the pitch are separated from its main space by special stripes.
  7. The team that hits the ball when the opponent is thrown will score points.
  8. Bowlers who throw must make sure that the opponents do not have a chance to catch the ball.

There are also controversial points that cause additional reactions from the team:

  1. Bowling hits when the ball hits the edge of the wicket or crossbar, then one of the teams has a chance to catch the ball before it touches the ground.
  2. Since there is very little time for this, not every player can catch.

Also in cricket, there are 4 characters and processes, without which the game would not be so exciting:

  1. Of course the players. The cricket team includes eleven players, including the captain. Outside of the official competition, teams may agree on a larger squad, with no more than eleven players on the field.
  2. Substitutions. In cricket, it is possible to substitute injured players, but the substitute cannot hit, serve, guard the wicket or act as captain. In case of reinstatement and with the consent of the referee, the substituted player is returned to the field. A batsman who is unable to run can have his runner who will perform runs while the batsman continues to hit. If a player enters the field without the referee’s team and touches the ball, the ball is considered out of play and the battering team receives 5 runs.
  3. Judges. There are two referees at the matches, who monitor the observance of the rules, make all the necessary decisions, and report them to the markers. The rules do not require a third referee, but in high-level cricket, he (being off the field and helping the field referees) can work in a specific match or tournament under special playing circumstances.
  4. Markers. There are two markers at the game that follow the signals of the referees and keep score.

The entire period of the game is controlled by two referees, as well as during large-scale international games with the involvement of a third referee to maximize the fairness of matches.

Live Scores on Cricket Line Guru

Today, the abundance of sports is surprising, but there are those who have not managed to show their power immediately. Thus, cricket has become a vivid example of the gradual popularity. If at the beginning of its existence the inhabitants of only a few countries heard about it, now it is played in all highly developed parts of the world. It is important that 104 countries even host cricket championships.

Every user of the cricket line guru platform can see all the results of games and teams, which are recorded with some nuances right in a live format that true fans need to know.

A set of points. A team earns one run if its batsman successfully runs from one end of the pitch to the other. Consequently, the success of both batsmen brings the team two wounds. A run is considered complete if the batsman (both batsmen) has run from his popping crisis to his partner’s popping crisis and touches the ground behind him with a bat or part of his body. The batsman’s batter’s starting position is at one end of the pitch, and his team-mate’s starting position is at the other. Batsmen may refuse to run due to the risk of breaking the wicket. An unsuccessful attempt to run is called a short run, deliberate short runs can be punished according to the rules. Additional wounds are awarded in case of violation of some rules by the opponent, the ball goes out of bounds of the field or the ball is lost.

Another group of rules is devoted to the set of points and the criteria that determine the winner of the match. The score of each team is often presented in the form m / n, where “m” is the number of runs scored by the team, and “n” is the number of wickets it has lost. It is worth noting that the team with the most runs is considered the winner of the match. The number of lost wickets is not taken into account when determining the winner.

Lost ball. If the ball is lost or becomes unavailable as a result of other circumstances, it is considered lost. The offender’s opponent receives additional damage. In addition, the battering team receives scored wounds, including those that were executed at the time the ball was declared lost, or 6 wounds if they managed to score less than six.

Know-ball. The know-ball condition is declared if the bowler serves from a prohibited place, if he straightens his elbow at the time of the service, if the service seems dangerous, if after the service the ball touches the pitch twice or more, if after the service the ball rolls along with the pitch or if the field players are in prohibited places. The Know-Ball adds one wound to the battering team, while all other wounds it scored remain. In most cases, the batsman cannot be taken out of the game if the ball was in the know-ball state.

Wide ball. If the referee considers that the batsman was unable to score due to an inaccurate bowler service, a wide ball condition is declared. A wide ball is declared in situations where, after the service, the ball passes over the head of the batsman. After the announcement of the wide ball, the team receives one wound, while all other wounds remain.

Bye and leg-bye. If the ball, which is not in a know-ball or wide-ball situation, flies past the batsman slugger, then the wounds collected as a result of the rally will be called buys. If the ball touches the batsman and not his bat, the wounds will be called leg bye. A leg-bye does not count if the batsman did not attempt to hit or dodge the projectile. In team statistics, byes are counted as regular wounds, while in personal statistics of a batsman, these points are not counted.

For fans who want to control the events and scores of each match and keep abreast of all the shifts in the teams, the web assistant of the cricket line guru is perfect.

News on Cricket Line Guru

Each cricket match ends with some significant event. Often these are new records and, of course, all major news portals immediately notify about this. The most significant name in the world of cricket news has become the name of Brian Lara from West Independence.

This is a player who still shows the highest results in every game and will most likely try to break his own records. And following his words, he will continue to do everything so as not to lose his status and name.

Record news has always spread very quickly since there were no web resources like the cricket line guru.

In 1939, the teams of England and South Africa played cricket for 12 days (albeit with two days off). The game took place in Durban and ended only because the British had to hurry to the boat to sail home. England seemed to have won, gaining 654 points, but in the end, since the match ended due to “unnatural” circumstances, the judges settled on a “draw” verdict. The total duration of “pure” playing time was 43 hours 16 minutes.

In the modern world, you can hear about the record of the best slugger to Donald Bradman from Australia with a score of 99.94. According to the words of other players and fans, this record is unrealistic.

Also, the news about the record for the number of wickets bypassed all major news publics already in the modern world, although the event took place in the last century but remained unforgettable in the world of sports.

So, Jim Lucker from Great Britain scored 19 of 20 wickets in two innings, thus setting the maximum bar, which to this day no one can stay.

Also, the 20th century is famous for significant records in the IPL. This league was invented in the vastness of India and is now one of the most anticipated tournaments around the world. Even people from other continents are eagerly awaiting the start of each new IPL season.


Cricket line guru provides its users with a detailed schedule of each match of all tournaments, including the IPL.

This championship is the key one on this web platform, and the audience is happy to follow every new item in the schedule and, of course, attend the matches.

Also one of the most anticipated tournaments is the European Championship, which takes place annually before the IPL.

The cricket line guru website gives its readers everything they need. No event is skipped.


We are all accustomed to facing ratings in every sport. In the case of batsmen cricket, a similar table is compiled by counting the runs in the completed inning. Completion means that the whole scheme has been worked out from start to finish without eliminations and defeats.

For bowlers, statistics are calculated from the passes given for the taken wicket.

After the changes began in the rules of the games, the meaning of the ratings also changed. So, for example, for batsmen, the percentage of stops is significant, and for bowlers, the rate of time savings has become very important.

Cricket analysts not only update the rating but also like to keep records, to record literally every event.

They can write different numbers relatively unrelated to each other, for example:

Everything is fixed and on the best portal for cricket lovers on the cricket line guru.

Recently, the ratings of the players have been divided according to the category of the player and his actions on the field, so that the batsmen are not on the same list as the bowlers as they are relatively different sides of the same team.

The site provided purely statistical ratings that do not contain any emotional information and takes into account the nuances of the type of resistance and the method of performing one or another action. Every dedicated fan of exciting sporting events can find everything on the guru of the cricket line.


Result. The team with the most runs is declared the winner of the match. If the teams have an equal number of runs, a tie is declared. If in test cricket, the team fails to complete its innings by the end of the appointed time, a draw is declared. Thus, the match can end with a victory of one of the teams, a draw in a row, or a draw in time.

In fact, a lot depends on fan support. Each fan can support not only the winner, but also the one who lost, but thanks to the tremendous support, the one who won the next time will surely break out into the winners!

Thanks to the use of the cricket line guru, fans can follow the progress of their favorite teams and support them at least remotely.

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