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Football betting tips from Parimatch

Perhaps football is the most popular entertainment in the world with centuries-old history!

Millions of people all over the world are football fans. Can you name the main feature of the world’s favorite game? Of course unpredictability! Even teams with no chances can suddenly fire. 

This is a professional kind of sport, and an active pastime for amateurs, and of course, the most popular way to make money on winning predictions.

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Due to the wide-scale increase of mobile technologies, online football betting cannot be ignored and the bettor only has to find the perfect bookie, where he will be provided with the best service.

Parimatch online offers its users to follow tournaments and place a bet through the official site or through the mobile application.

Parimatch has extensive experience in the gambling industry! It is perfectly targeted on players from different countries and it is the leader of all Indian bookmakers thanks to its first-class service and professional software platform! And of course, the most colossal privilege of this bookmaker is a passion for football!

It is worth to be noted that Parimatch India is recognized as one of the few bookmakers with a legal betting site. Thanks to the license, it provides an opportunity for its players not to worry about their safety.

Let’s open the curtain to Parimatch football rates and get acquainted with Indian football betting tips closer!

Free Football betting tips

Among all football betting tips sites, Parimatch provides its users with the most reliable advice, because this information is created by professionals in this field!

If you decided to catch the jackpot with the help of internet football betting, then you should remember a few Parimatch football betting tips. 

To be able to place bets and watch live video broadcasts of sports championships, first of all, fulfill three prerequisites: make the registration on the Parimatch India, go through personal identification and make a deposit.

Don’t forget about the importance of teams’ recent results. This factor should be decisive. The statistics of head-to-head meetings of two competitors is less important.

Parimatch also recommends you to concentrate attention on the teams’ playing at home and away. Many teams are traditionally home teams. In front of their native audience, they are ready to give battle to any opponent, and on the foreign field, they look like they are without strength.

Take advantage of the great offers from Parimatch. There are excellent promotions and bonuses for new customers and active users. You can get such bonuses, as a rule, in the form of rates or discounts on the first deposit.

Also on the Parimatch site among expert betting tips, you can familiarize yourself with the variety of bets and their features.

It is also important to look at the weather forecast. You can even bet on canceling the match!

Live-Football betting tips

You have the opportunity to place bets both before the start of a football match and during the live streaming.

Parimatch online offers very profitable live betting. It is often enough to watch only 10-15 minutes of the match in order to predict the outcome of the first half of the match correctly. At the same time, such information allows you to make the right choice for short-term Internet bets on football.

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For live games, Parimatch also provides football betting tips.

  1. Individual events (name of the player who will score a goal or someone, who will receive a yellow/red card).
  2. Time of the goal (the period in which the first goal will be scored).
  3. A bet on extra time (you can try to predict whether the match will have extra time and how long it will be).

Returning to the weather. If the match is going during bad weather, you should carefully monitor the play of each player. It will help you to predict the outcome more accurately.

Mobile betting tips for football

Our smartphones are always in our pocket and Parimatch introduces us to mobile betting tips.

First of all, you can download the football betting tips app and read the information there.

Next, in the Parimatch free mobile application, log in to your profile and connect to the live broadcast of the match. You need to click on the “Live” tab or select a match in the side menu and mark the coefficient. The selected bets are automatically added to the “Coupon”, where you need to specify the amount and confirm the operation.

It is very convenient to place such bets as “Single”, “Express” and “System” through the smartphone.

  1. “Singles” are settled within 10 minutes after the end of the tournament. This type of bet is fast and popular because it isn’t necessary to have special knowledge for making it.
  2. “Express” is a combined bet that includes two or more outcomes for different championships. If even one result is marked incorrectly, then the bet is completely lost. To do this, it is enough to select at least two results. Then enter the bet match coupon, indicate the amount, and click “Place a bet”.
  3. “System” is a combined bet consisting of “Express” bets. In contrast to the ordinary “Express” bet, the “System” can win even if individual selections in the combination are lost.
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And don’t forget to keep track of your bets. In the “My Bets” section, you can analyze the entire history and understand the regularity of winning and losing predictions.

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