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CS:GO betting at Parimatch in India

CS GO betting, thanks to foreign bookmakers, is gradually developing in India. The esports scene itself does not look as developed as in the Western world yet. The main reason is people’s attitude. Most people still believe video games are just a pastime, but not a professional sport.

That’s why Indian contestants do not get sponsorship like in the West. Though, multi-million dollar tournaments such as ESL India Premiership are held in India. In 2021, this tournament had a 1.15 Crore INR overall prize pool. But so far, the Indian stage is only at the beginning of development.

Nevertheless, there are already many local teams competing on a national scale. We can distinguish such clubs as:

CSGO betting site offers wagers on Indian and foreign clubs. In some sense, it is easier to bet on shooters than on traditional sports. Players have the opportunity to stake with skins. It is an in-game cosmetic improvement that has a specific price on the market. It can be compared to the chips on the gambling site.

CSGO skin betting is possible in specialized bookmaker’s offices. However, traditional bookmakers also offer more and more eSports services. The international bookmaker Parimatch online offers many markets and lines at Counter-Strike events in the world.

CS GO live betting at Parimatch

Parimatch bookmakers support a whole section for wagering on eSports events, including CS GO wagers. Compared to other disciplines, the shooter has lines with the largest number of markets.

The reason is Counter-Strike is a simple game mastered even by retired people. It is proved by the example of Silver Snipers and Grey Gunners rosters, where all participants are over 60 years old. The shooter is easy to learn, and everyone familiarizes themselves with the game by simply installing it on their computer. As a result, CSGO betting is more popular and detailed than in other disciplines.

Parimatch online offers a convenient design for CS:GO bets. To register on the site, a player only needs a phone and password. After depositing, he or she make any wagers! The player opens the eSports section, finds CS GO events there, and chooses the bet slip outcome.

The bookmaker provides such markets in online eSports betting:

By clicking on any outcome, the player transfers it to the bet slip, deposits the amount, and sends it to the shop. It is the whole CSGO betting process!

CS GO live betting tips

The main betting tips live about learning the eSports. It is best to put the game on the computer and try to pass a few fights. Then the player will understand well what to pay attention to when watching the match.

One of the primary strategies in CS GO is round wagering. The player must be well aware of how the economy of a match works in an online shooter. Terrorists and counter-terrorists make money on killing enemies. Each «frag» brings a certain amount of money. With this money, contestants buy weapons and armor in subsequent rounds.

So, if bettor sees the roster wins a pistol round, he knows there is an 80% probability that the roster will win the next fight. This means it will have more money to buy weapons and armor. And it will be easier for them to win the whole match.

The second exciting method of Global Offensive bets is half-time wagering. Fans of online shooters know very well how often comebacks are here when the losing team suddenly takes over in the second half of the match. It happens for several reasons. One of them: the maps, on which the battles are held, usually give an advantage to one of the sides. Here are some examples:

Teams knowing their maps well apply flexible strategies, sacrificing one round and winning the next. Thus, the player has a couple of minutes at half-time to find the most advantageous lines and make a live wager before the second half of the match. Parimatch betting odds give a good profit.

A CS:GO eSports fans also make good money using knowledge of the most popular weapons, roles, strategies, and game styles. Websites like and gosugamers help find the right statistics to analyze and make accurate Global Offensive forecasts.

Parimatch is one of the best Indian betting sites for CS GO betting!

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