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Best IPL Team

If to ask any Indians what sports are their favourite, the answer will be definitely IPL. This gorgeous league has attracted millions of individuals who found it thrilling, spectacular or profitable to follow. For Indians, IPL is a religion they delve into and make many efforts to succeed and represent their teams worthy of victory and global recognition. Year after year, T20 cricket increases the number of its avid followers who are incredibly active on social media. Thus, they spread the popularity of their favourites, whether a particular team or player. It helps the majority get into the game itself and get familiar with each match’s magnificent performance in the tournament.

Indian premier league was created by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. It is defined as a T20 format competition in men’s cricket. But the first tournament was conducted a year later when the participating teams were formed. Some teams entered the list of the tournament, but others didn’t come wholly. Previously, there were 13 teams aimed to complete, but only 8 were made up and ready to contest in the first outstanding tournament. The formers teams undone are Deccan Chargers (Hyderabad), Kochi Tuskers Kerala (Kochi), Pune Warriors (Pune), Rising Pune Supergiants (Pune), and Gujarat Lions (Rajkot).

Eight teams have presented cricket franchises from different Indian cities so far: Dehli, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangaluru, Punjab, Hyderabad, and Rajasthan. IPL has entered the international level that enables to reinforce the teams with new potential players overseas. The mixture of nations within the best IPL team makes it unique and empower with some specific spirit and diversity.

IPL Team

Each IPL team has its own history existing from 2008. Since then, thirteen seasons were held almost in India: only the second one was conducted in South Africa, the seventh — partly in the Emirates and partly in India, and the thirteenth — in the UAE ‘cos of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Each IPL match of the 2021 season will be hosted at home cities. This fact comforts the players very much as well as cricket fans.

There is a tradition in IPL to give an opportunity for each team to strengthen the lineup before every tournament. It happens in terms of undertaking the IPL mega- and mini-auctions. The latter occurs annually, while the mega-auction is held once in three years. This period is very significant for teams. They are to value the advantages and flaws within the team. Thus, it involves leaving some players, releasing others for their weak performance or other reasons, and purchasing those who represent a good potential to raise the team’s success. All eight teams for 2021 IPL have already undergone this process of improvement.

When it comes to developing the team, there are some essential rules which are mandatory to adhere to:

What makes cricket T20 special is the regular opportunity for the best IPL team to renew the squad and improve the game strategy for upcoming tournaments.

Top-rated IPL Team

The top-rated IPL team is usually considered a team winner of the particular IPL season. This point changes from league to league. But currently, even dating from 2019, there is one IPL team that occupied the champion’s position two years running. It is Mumbai Indians (MI), the best IPL team at the present time.

MI has achieved grandiose heights in its IPL performance. But such success didn’t chase them from the very beginning. They have gone through a rough period of ups and downs by making efforts and improving the lineup. In 2010, they could finally enter the playoff and compete in the final but didn’t reach the trophy.

MI is the best IPL team with skilled and well-gathered players, with Rohit Sharma in the captain position. His advent in 2013 has changed the fate of MI. They won the champions league for the first time that year. And it was only the starting point. Later, after two years, they gained the trophy again, and it was repeated in 2017 and 2019. It is noticeable that MI became IPL champions every two years. But the last 13th season broke the chain and shortened the term of wins and brought immediate success to Mumbai Indians once more. Thus, 2020 IPL finished up with the championship won by Mumbai Indians.


IPL is increasingly popular in the international sports segment. And the evidence of such a big step into success and recognition is the competition between highly-qualified and robust teams.

The great competitors to MI are Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. They are also champions in IPL history in different periods. CSK won the trophy thrice in 2010, 2011 and 2018. KKR won the final in 2012 and 2014. These teams are strong enough and dangerous to compete with too.

These are the most competitive IPL teams after Mumbai Indians. Though, Delhi Capitals made an incredible breakthrough last season by getting into the playoffs and being so close to victory. The 2021 IPL tournament is expected to be unanticipated and full of surprises with renewed teams squads. It’s intriguing, isn’t it?

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