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IPL Betting Tips

Every league or tournament in the sports world deserves fan’s attention, especially when it comes to IPL. The most fascinating and biggest cricket tournament in Twenty20 format, IPL has gathered the whole cricket world in IPL 2021 season predictions and expectations. As the IPL game itself requires professional players to conduct, the betting experience of fans and followers should be improved as well. That’s why cricket fans need to know everything that concerns IPL betting.

Why You Should Choose Our IPL Betting Tips

Like any other sports event, IPL 2021 has its rules and format to be held. Sticking to them and learning more about the teams and specific players who have shown remarkable results in matches, you will only perfect your knowledge about the IPL tournament, make up your own strategy on how to bet on IPL successfully, and clearly understand how to follow or change it.

Every sports betting site offers many betting odds and general betting tips as many sporting events are displayed. But all of them are specific in the way they are conducted and valued. Accordingly, there are special IPL betting tips to consider when you want to bet on a particular team or cricket player. That’s why we provide free cricket betting tips for IPL 2021 over here for you to improve your way of wagering and build a successful ladder in IPL betting. If you’re a newbie in this deal, you surely need to choose our IPL betting tips to get into the IPl betting world and get insights from us about what you should do to place the right wager.

Free Cricket Betting Tips & Cricket Match Prediction

When making cricket predictions, every fan should be familiar with such main cricket tournaments as IPL, Test cricket, and One Day Internationals. It allows you to acknowledge the differences in tournaments’ format and how you need to investigate before wagering. The last two versions of cricket matches are considered traditional, while the T20 format of IPL is increasingly becoming the most popular and suitable cricket format worldwide.

Compared to Test matches, the IPL match is contested in hours, not days. Within the T20 format, both teams have only one inning by batting and one inning by bowling, and a bat for no more than 20 overs. In terms of such peculiarities in a shortened T20 match format, there are specific IPL betting tips we offer to draw special attention to.

The first tip is related to the bowler maximums. The cricket team may have a dominant bowler who can take the most wickets in the match, while the game in IPL limits the bowler to four bowled overs during an innings.

The second tip is about acknowledging the importance of different overs. When you are willing to wager on runs in an over in pre-match or in-play betting markets, you should be aware of the situation on the field. In the IPL format, the highest-scoring over is always expected to be the 20th over. It is so because it is the last of the innings, and the batsmen play quite aggressively. The best bowler often bowls the 19th over and has a lower run rate than the 20th.

Therefore, by keeping in mind these specific betting tips on IPL 2021 and staying informed with the IPL history, you will make the right match prediction that will lead you to win bets.

Cricket Betting Odds

Betting odds are an integral part of betting strategies. When you clearly understand the meaning of cricket betting odds, you will feel confident that you are doing right and improving your chances to succeed. Here we will explain the concept of cricket betting odds and how they work.

On different cricket betting sites, you can find various betting odds for the IPL tournament. Despite this, you should know that every website offers its own view in the probability of an outcome occurring. Betting odds show the chances of your bet to hit the outcome, so you will eventually win.

The way cricket betting odds work depends on their type offered by the cricket bookmaker. They are distinguished through fractional, decimal, and American. They all have the same meaning but different ways of calculating.

Fractional is the most common and oldest used to convey the betting odds. It is represented in a combination of two numbers separated by a slash (/). The left-side number indicates the profit you will win on the bet you noticed on the right-side number. For instance, for the odds 3/1, you will get 3 units in return for every 1 unit you wager. 

Decimal seems simpler and more frequently than the fractional betting odds. It works out in the same way as the fractional but is displayed in a decimal format like 1.75. Accordingly, if you wager $5 on a team to win the match at odds of 1.75, you will get $8.75 ($5*1.75) in return if the team wins — an income of $3.75.

American betting odds are provided by the US-based bookmakers which are given either by a positive or negative number like  +150 or -150. Positive odds display the amount of profit you will wager $100, while negative odds reflect the amount of money you have to wager to earn a profit of $100.

Whatever type of betting odds on cricket you can face, they work out equally and are not complicated to get into and calculate.

Cricket Betting In India

There are no obstacles for Indian cricket followers to place their bets on favorite IPL 2021through  reliable cricket betting sites. Nowadays, they allow Indians to create their accounts hassle-free and disclose opportunities in placing their wagers.

Deposits in rupees

More cricket betting sites appear in the Indian gambling market with a capacity to accept the national currency — Indian rupees. By entering India’s policy, they have adjusted the platform to cater to Indians’ needs. So, now they can easily deposit their accounts in rupees and enjoy the smooth betting experience.

Payment methods

In addition to rupees’ acceptance, Indian bettors will find payment methods available and suitable to them like e-wallets Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and cryptocurrency Bitcoin widely used these days.

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