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In recent years, eSports has been developing at a very fast pace. The eSports betting market is keeping pace with it. More and more ordinary gamers are retraining into bettors since many are interested not only in the process of participating in the game but also in the process of observing other players. At the same time, the players also want to make money on this. Since eSports has not yet fully mastered the betting market, most bookmakers are wary of giving a line to it. But Parimatch is one of the leaders in online eSports betting both in the world and in India.

If you are serious about bet on eSports, you should make sure to use legal betting in India which will not take your profits. You need to choose a bookmaker with a low margin to get the highest odds and quick payouts. Also, the bookmaker should not restrict the players who win. This will allow you to place as many bets as you like. These are the basic requirements for any bookmaker. Parimatch is one of the few bookmaker sites that follows these principles. Here you can do live eSports betting and bet more than any other bookmaker. And no matter how much you win, you can keep betting. All you need to make this sports betting is pass registration.


Esports is a team or individual computer game based tournaments that span many different disciplines. The most popular among players and fans are games in the following genres:

There are also regular tournaments for games that do not belong to any of the above categories, such as Fortnite, PUBG, Hearthstone, and others.

Parimatch E-Sports betting in India

eSports betting odds

Today it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time to understand, for example, where to make Dota2 online betting: this can be done at most Indian bookmakers. And the majority also accept CS: GO betting online, one of the main e-sports disciplines in terms of popularity and scale. But it is Parimatch who has the opportunity to make a wager for any match in Indian Rupees.


The eSports category is expanding and is one of the most popular market segments for online sports betting. With a rapidly growing fan community, multi-million-dollar sponsorships, professional leagues, and live streaming of some of the world cups, the sport’s visibility has increased and now affects millions of people. Live championship games are watched all over the world. With eSports, each game can be viewed as a separate sport, with its own rules, tactics, and strategies for the team to win the match.

The first and foremost odds of eSports betting at Parimatch is that it is an easy way to make money. All you need to do:

You will have the opportunity to choose the amount you want to wager, as well as the tournament in which it is convenient for you. If all goes well and you win the bet, you will receive Parimatch cashback.


Another odds of esports betting is that it is fun and exciting. Most likely, you will be watching the tournament live and will just place your bets while having fun. Another amazing thing is that you don’t have to study a lot to understand the basics. There are various guides available online to help you get started with esports betting. In short, it’s fun, easy, and challenging. 

In-play eSports betting

A large number of broadcasts can also be attributed to the Parimatch bonuses. It will be easier for you to play in-play. It is very easy to find the broadcast of the tournament. As we said, you can visit the official Parimatch website and watch battles for free, or simply register on the Parimatch website. There you can always choose a tournament for betting. 

There are many variations to make In-play bets in CS: GO, Dota 2, LoL and other games due to their peculiarities: the destruction of the main building, the first effective attack, a rapid decrease in the enemy’s health, killing a neutral character, which will bring a prize, etc. all bookmakers give an additional list so detailed. Often the choice is limited to bets on the winner of the match, each of the cards, totals, and Asian handicaps. Other outcomes may appear on the day the game starts. And the odds go up, whipping up the excitement of the players.

Mobile eSports betting

Esports and sports betting, live streams, game statistics, and match results are now available from your mobile devices. Bookmaker Parimatch has developed a mobile application for iPhone or Android. The general background of the Parimatch mobile application, or rather the mobile version, repeats the design of the official website of the bookmaker’s office. Such a program provides free the same opportunities as the official website of the bookmaker. By downloading and installing the application on your mobile device, you can place cyber bets on matches, upcoming events, tournaments, and teams much faster than on the mobile version of the site. Don’t forget that the app loads faster. With the application, you can watch your favorites live.


CS GO and DOTA 2 bets are rapidly gaining popularity in the betting industry. Use analytics to prioritize and earn. Not only experienced bettors can bet, but also beginners. Each match will bring more and more experience, which will allow you to get big wins in the future.

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