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Commentators in IPL 2020: different languages and stars

Similarly, to the IPL, which has a multinational pool of players competing in the grand event, the tournament also has a multinational team of IPL commentators 2020 who fulfil an important communication and informative role, ensuring the IPL is a massive success. The commentators are mostly former cricketers themselves, who with their years of cricketing experience strive to bring as much entertainment to cricket competitions as possible.

In the past, when the notion of broadcasting a cricket match on TV screens was a difficult task, radio used to be the only direct source from which fans could get information about a cricket match. Now that even great players are becoming broadcast cricket commentators, it is actually possible to get a full free exposition to the game provided by these legendary personalities.

Through the years, commentary has become a powerful tool that connects sports with television and radio audiences. A few commentators have made a big name for themselves among fans, for example, Harsha Bhogle also known as the ‘voice of cricket’, does make some great commentaries.

English commentators for IPL 2020: the top voices

Undeniably, Danny Morrison is indeed a familiar face no matter where or when the IPL takes place, and he’s also a very well-known figure these days for his commentary in other T20 leagues. He is one of the English commentators for IPL 2020 who used to play cricket professionally themselves: Morrison is a former New Zealand’s bowler. Because of his flamboyant character, Morrison’s commentary is always a stirring narrative, including some of his emotionally charged actions. Danny Morrison has a huge number of fans in India as he has been exceptionally spicy with his one-liners from the start of the League. Morrison is always amusing during his comments in the IPL and uses expressions that automatically lift everyone’s spirits.

Ian Bishop, who used to be a player of the West Indies cricket team twenty years ago, contributes his talents to making cricket commentary extremely authentic. Bishop, as a commentator is a narrator of the factual side of the game as well as being very objective and open-minded. In fact, he’s more of a commentator who always gives the right assessment. Speaking of the IPL, Bishop is often part of the foreign commentary team and is someone who has always delighted Indian fans with his authentic commentary.

More than three decades have passed since Sunil Gavaskar became involved in the game shortly after his retirement in 1987 in a role of a commentator. Gavaskar debuted as a commentator in 1990 and was fortunate indeed to have the chance to be sharing the commentators’ box with the iconic Richie Beno during his debut season. In addition to being very insightful and competent, he often has a great sense of humor and amiable banter when commenting together with his colleagues. Across the commentary community as well, Sunil Gavaskar is in fact one of those rare figures who, while doing his due scrutiny, will call a spade a spade, irrespective of what his comments cause an argument.

Hindi commentators for IPL 2020

The complete panel of the Hindi commentators for IPL 2020 declared by Star Sports is as follows:

Among the best Hindi IPL commentators there is Aakash Chopra, who used to play in IPL himself for the Rajasthan Royals as a batsman. After retiring, Mr. Chopra practiced his commentary skills intensely, which seems to have made him one of the game’s most flamboyant commentators.

Since batting technique was his strong point, Aakash is also regarded as a leading analyst, analyzing in detail the shots and moves of a number of players in today’s cricket while also being a key columnist for ESPN Cricinfo. in fact, his commentary is a combination that includes not only some interesting information but also witty remarks.

Telugu commentators for IPL 2020

Making the choice to provide access to commentary in one’s own language democratizes the sport for the people, who have been sidelined by only English and Hindi commentators for IPL 2020. Thus, BCCI and its media partners have taken very wise decision to provide the commentaries for the cricket matches in other languages too: Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bangla. As for the Telugu IPL commentary panel, it is comprised of Venugopal Rao, Venkatapathi Raju, Kalyan Krishna, Chandrasekhar P, C Venkatesh, Rj Koushik and Sudheer Mahavadi.

Tamil commentators for IPL 2020

The success of the expanding the commentaries to other Indian local languages is testimonies by 25% increase in viewership comparing to the previous season. Team of the Tamil commentators includes: Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, Hemang Badani, VB Chandrasekhar, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, Subramaniam Badrinath, K V Sathyanarayanan and Abhinav Mukund. The IPL official broadcaster provides seven fully-customized broadcasts across the languages, engaging more fans and illuminating them on the specifics of the game.

Commentary and commentators are an integral part of a cricket match, just imagine watching an action film with no sound effects or dialogues. That’s what cricket is without commentary. That said, the commentators do narrate the match ball by ball. With the amount of money invested in commentators in all professional sports, the millions of people who watch sports broadcasts around the world find that their experience of watching has improved. So, now, with another IPL season, which again is set to be a festive event, the IPL will certainly be accompanied by powerful voices that invigorate the atmosphere with their sense of insight in full force.

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