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Which IPL Team Has Most Fans in 2020

Indian Premier League is the most spectacular sports ever seen. It has become so popular over the globe that the number of cricket fans is increasing annually. There are different cricket matches in the sports industry, but IPL is unique with the T20 format it provides. It makes it more thrilling and enticing for people to get engaged in the IPL tournament.

Despite the pandemic in 2020, the league was held with some schedule changes and wasn’t less exciting or something. Each loyal cricket fan or follower could enjoy every home-away match and watch the players’ performances or whatever happened in the field. Such an opportunity was given to him via innovative technologies in the form of sports betting bookmakers, TV transmissions and others. So, cricket fans around the world could back their favourite cricket team at every stage of the ongoing match.

Moreover, social media was boiling with endless discussions and predictions around each cricket team. So, it was evident that the fans’ assistance during the league tournament was powerful. Accordingly, IPL could entice an enormous fan base through social media that led to good support for cricket teams and running a new business based on followers.

Which Team Has More Fans in IPL?

It is great when many followers, faithful fans, believe in the cricket team’s ability and victory. They seem to be a steady encouragement for team’s players, on the one hand, and available advertising of a particular team, on the other hand. With such supportive fans, the cricket team feels more confident and believes in their strength and ability to surmount any obstacle and win.

Due to the outcomes of the 2020 IPL, it is clearly seen that
Mumbai Indians is the leader in having more fans in comparison to others as the team has been the IPL champion several times. So, it is worth stating that Mumbai Indians has the biggest fan base in social media.

Another the most fans followed cricket team is
Chennai Sper Kings. They have been doing a great job and keeping the leading position in finals during the last IPL seasons. They have all chances to win in the 2021 tournament thanks to their big fan base’s support.

The last prime position of the most fans belongs to
Kolkata Knight Riders. Notwithstanding their poor performance last 13th season, they still have a supportive colossal fan base who believe in them.

Thus, social media is an excellent platform where both the cricket team and followers can interact with each other and go through the tournament shoulder-to-shoulder and share good and bad moments within the premier league. Mumbai Indians is regarded as the cricket team which has more fans in IPL.

Most Fan Base Team in IPL

Social media is a nonlimited place with various platforms in use. But the most popular and trusted are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. According to the gathered current statistics from those platforms, each cricket team’s fan base is created, so it is possible to compare and define the most fan base team in IPL.

As it was mentioned above,
Mumbai Indians takes the leading position is the number of fans and followers thanks to strong players like Rohit Sharma, Keiron Pollard, Quinto de Cook, and Pandya Brothers. This franchise cricket team has such a fan base formed (in millions):

Chennai Super Kings is among the most successful franchises in IPL history. The presence of the famous cricketer within the team, DS Dhoni, makes them strong and competitive. Also, the addition of veterans like Moeen Ali and the return of Suresh Raina will definitely strengthen their lineup. The franchise’s fan base is the following:

Being two-times champion of cricket premier league,
Kolkata Knight Riders takes the third position in terms of the huge fan base. Since their establishment in 2008, they have gained a lot of followers, the number of which is still increasing. KKR’s fan base is:

The total numbers of followers in social media are really significant. But other teams also deserve attention because they have reached meaningful outcomes during all IPL tournaments, and at the same time, their fan base has been enlarging from season to season.

In spite of
Royal Challengers Bangalore’s failures in certain matches, their unique performance in the field only attracts more fans and satisfies their spectacular need. Their lineup has been strengthened with real masters like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. Thus, RCB’s fan base is a total of 19.1 million.

After changing the name at the beginning of 2021,
Punjab Kings is deemed the most entertaining IPL team with super overs, exciting finishes, and fantastic fielding. What else can be more gripping for a fan to keep watching and backing! PK’s fan base is 12.7 million.

With a considerable breakthrough in 2020 IPL,
Delhi Capitals is aimed to conquer the heights with a renewed lineup. Their followers are to help them in it with the number of 10.8 million on social media.

Sunrisers Hyderabad has been a consistent cricket team through all IPL matches. The team squad contains strong players that appeal to more followers on social media. They are about 10.5 million.

Being the openers in winning the title in the first IPL season in 2008,
Rajasthan Royals seemed to keep successful further. But the luck wouldn’t have them. The lack of strong players within the team affected their performance. Despite this, there is a percentage of fans (7.1 million) who adore them and believe in them.

In conclusion, MI, CSK and KKR are determined as the remarkable teams with the most fans’ base in IPL compared to other cricket teams.

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