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What is Simulated Reality League – Complete Guide: are Simulated Reality bets a durable alternative for bettors?

Major sporting events such as the 2020 Olympics or the UEFA European Championship have been canceled and postponed until next season due to the pandemic. With Simulated Reality League betting, more and more betting providers are bridging the phase until the real championships betting is possible again.

This form of betting is becoming more and more popular and allows you to place bets on a daily basis in a way that you have been used to up to now. Here you bet on virtual games, which are processed on the basis of countless game data and statistical evaluations. Depending on a bookmaker, the betting offer of SRL bets is similarly versatile as with ordinary bets of experienced bookmakers. The best thing to do is to try out Simulated Reality sports betting yourself, where you will hardly feel any difference from the previous betting feeling.

In times of cancelled sporting events, many betting platforms are happy to be able to offer their customers a large betting spectrum with Simulated Reality betting. Currently, it is hard to assess whether the principle of Simulated Reality sports betting will remain a permanent feature of the platforms for months and years to come. When normal gaming operations resume, virtual simulation of individual matches will no longer be necessary.

What future Simulated Reality betting will have is currently hard to estimate. This will mainly depend on the popularity on the part of sports bettors. Perhaps some would like to permanently compete with the bookmakers when it comes to the evaluation of records and statistics. Although virtual matches also include random events, according to the feeling of many betting enthusiasts, real sporting events involve significantly more risks.

If interest in simulated reality betting drops, it is likely to quickly disappear from the betting offer. Some bettors will be bothered by the fact that it is only a simulation anyway and the authentic feeling of a game is not given. You should also be surprised whether simulated reality bets can still be placed on the Internet in one or two years.

What is the Simulated Reality League and How It Works: How Simulated Reality betting came into being

The virtual gaming principle is not new to many betting operators. Many had already provided a section for virtual betting before the pandemic. Here you could bet on results of virtual sport every few minutes, the matches were evaluated according to the statistical probabilities of winning, losing and drawing. This type of betting was more akin to gambling and represented a more complex variant of a game of chance. But what is Simulated Reality League? These are computer simulations in which the games are recreated on the basis of real numbers and statistics. The match days of the SRL are completely based on the match days as they would have taken place in real life. For example, you can bet on the Premier League every weekend as if the real Premier League matches had taken place.

In March and April 2020, it was hard to estimate when most leagues would resume normal operations. The same applies to matches in the Champions League or Europa League, IPL and ATP and WTA tournaments. Most betting providers have therefore had to reduce their schedule to a minimum, so that almost no games in soccer, tennis, cricket, etc. took place.

SRL solved this problem and was supposed to help bettors to take up their favorite hobby on a daily basis. For this reason, Simulated Reality League bookmakers stick to the scheduled match schedule that would apply to all leagues if the season were to run regularly. So, in the case of the 1st Bundesliga in Germany, you can place Simulated Reality bets on a Friday night match.

The basis for the simulation of matches by the Artificial Intelligence are current statistics. Now, the history of a club or a particular pairing doesn’t tell you everything about the current state of a club. Maybe this one had a particularly good or bad phase before the break. Maybe the fight against relegation is releasing new forces, or a long series of injuries is slowly coming to an end. All of this is reflected in current statistics, which are used like historical data sets for simulated reality betting. The combination of all these data sets provides a complex tableau of probabilities, which are virtually simulated during the game and are incorporated into every single game situation.

Sports punters may know the times for Simulated Reality bets off the top of their heads, as these correspond to the original times of the respective leagues. This covers many of the well-known leagues and betting markets for which regular games would have otherwise taken place. Which and how many SRL bets are offered at the familiar time depends very much on the size of the betting platform.

How to bet on Simulated Reality League explained step by step

Have you discovered for the first time that a betting provider offers Simulated Reality betting and would like to learn more before trying it out? With our explanation, we will show you step by step how exactly Simulated Reality League score betting works and how the simulation is created. For most betting providers, simulated reality sports betting is a good way to inspire old and new betting fans in 2021.

As an experienced bettor, you will know the most important types of simulated reality bets through conventional betting. The following is a brief overview of the most common ways in which you can place simulated reality bets and hope for great winnings:

Depending on the sportsbook, you can enjoy a number of other opportunities to bet on special outcomes during the match. This ranges from the number of corners to possible red cards or penalties. For bets of this kind, however, you need a bit more luck than statistical understanding.

How to find the latest Simulated Reality Score: which platform is it better to use?

Parimatch offers a powerful toolkit for players who want to beat the bookmaker in a form of an archive of IPL historical data. Most importantly, it has a huge database of statistical data, with the help of which line analysis becomes a fun activity, which at the same time can increase the efficiency of your bets. The Simulated Reality League table features last games of the opponents, as well as the results of their last meetings in all tournaments. You can set to show only home games or only away games of the guests.

You can find the rarest and most interesting trends on your own checking on the and leagues you like to play on the Simulated Reality Sportcenter, which belongs to the SRL developer. And then play those trends on the opening line which the weakest and most profitable for players. Analysis of trends in matches in terms of statistical consistency is a great way to increase your bank and the percentage of betting success. It is very important not to play blindly, without considering the opponent’s factor, but to look at his stats, compare them to your team’s stats and to the line.

Conclusion about Simulated Reality Betting

Even if many cricket leagues are suspended and sporting events are cancelled, you don’t have to miss out on your betting fun. Simulated Reality League result betting is a serious and exciting alternative, where you can watch and win in real time. When choosing your Simulated Reality betting platform, it is important to look for a reputable and experienced partner, like Parimatch. In addition to a large selection of bets, this partner stands for a professional and strong implementation. Doing your own comparison, you will quickly find suitable platforms with which you will develop new betting desire thanks to Simulated Reality League betting.

Many platforms are just introducing simulated reality sports betting, so you may not find all the information in detail here yet. For international platforms, you will find explanatory texts mainly in English, which have not yet been translated into all the languages of the betting platform. This is also a sign of how important customer service is to the provider in the current situation.

Whether such simulated tournaments will become established remains to be seen in the distant future. Theoretically, however, it is conceivable that providers of Simulated Reality League sports betting will set themselves apart from their competitors with their own tournaments and thus create a strong argument for registration and permanent betting on their own website.

FAQ: predictions and betting

In this article we have highlighted how to bet on these SRL matches, how the mode works exactly and how to make Simulated Reality League predictions. Even though Simulated Reality is not a real sporting event, you can still make accurate predictions on the outcome. We take a look at which soccer leagues and matches are simulated virtually and where you can place your bets. The predictions for the SRL betting are made basically the same way as for real matches. The virtual encounters are based on the numbers and data that the teams have produced in the recent past. So, the betting tips are to look at how the teams have played this season and previous years before the break.

What leagues are available to bet on the Simulated Reality League?

Whether single or combined bet, for you as a bettor, a large selection of Simulated Reality League live sporting events is important. Here, the individual betting platforms differ considerably from each other. You already know these differences from the usual comparison of the individual operators, which cover different markets and sports.

In the case of simulated reality betting, most providers limit themselves to the common sports and leave out real exotics. In the case of these, it is often difficult to obtain comprehensive data sets for a perfect simulation of the events. For these reasons, Simulated Reality sports betting is mainly found in the major sports, specifically:

What exactly is available for live betting in the individual areas depends on the size of the platform as well as the number and experience of the bookmakers. Roughly, you can orientate yourself in the selection on what you will find in the regular betting offer of the respective platform. Some can be found on every website, for example:

A large selection is important to the individual providers so that bets are offered day after day. Especially for experienced bettors it is important that they can deal with a betting offer every day. Maybe you also have clear strategies and habits that you follow when betting and that work the same way when simulated reality betting. When you first start looking for a betting provider for Simulated Reality sports betting, pay attention to this and have fun with virtual betting every day.

What are available bets on SRL?

Above it has been already mentioned on which sports you can place SRL bets and that these work as single, combined and system bets. In addition, you can expect a wealth of special bets and variants for each individual event, which provide variety in SRL betting. Again, how diverse the betting fun is, depends largely on the sportsbook. Most platforms are just getting fresh into Simulated Reality League sports betting and are likely to expand their offerings significantly in the coming days and weeks.

What is the best website for SRL Betting?

Although SRL betting is not yet available from every operator, in fact it is currently a rarity, this can change quickly. Then the same “rules of the game” apply to you as a sports betting enthusiast as they do outside the simulated games. You should therefore consider with which platform you place your bets and definitely also check the odds offered among sportsbooks.

Possible differences that await you at the betting providers are, for example:

In addition, you should always consider special offers when choosing a betting provider, especially a possible new customer bonus. Since not all sportsbooks offer SRL betting yet, it is not that unlikely that you will discover a new provider for yourself through simulated sports betting – or even have the choice between several betting providers. Then you should not forget that many sports betting platforms actively fight for new customers and therefore offer them attractive perks, either in the form of free bets or, for example, a sports betting bonus on the first deposit. For this reason, it is worth comparing the providers that currently have Simulated Reality League betting in their portfolio.

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