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Lowest Score in IPL

Lowest Team Score in IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a globally recognized cricket league supported by celebrities and other well-known people. IPL is a professional tournament that has surpassed ups and downs since the beginning of its establishment. It appeared in a completely new format for cricket lovers to accept and work on it. It revealed a new world of cricket with more excitement and spiced elements within the league’s matches. By exploring the tactics and strategies to win, the superiors found an interesting way to make each match more thrilling and professionally performed. The auction of cricket players held by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) has played a crucial role in preparing the teams worthy of being competed and of followers’ attention and encouragement. In this way, the officials give each franchise’s representatives a great opportunity to strengthen the teams’ squad and gain more potential players to contest and win the championship of the respective season.

Since 2007, when the league was created and set up, the world has changed its attitude to cricket. Nowadays, millions of fans are following each match with eagerness and lifted spirit. God forbid one should miss the cricket match. The IPL tournament has become a favorite kind of sport in India and beyond the boundaries. The officials care for the participants to be in good shape and train a lot to bring blessings to the team and become popular in the sports world. The more cricketers drill and learn, the more success they achieve in upcoming tournaments. The more efforts they make, the more fans they magnetize and grow their fan base. Every deal has reasonable outcomes and perspectives when completing wisely and deliberately. It also makes sense when it comes to the IPL. These IPL players contribute to the game their resources and strength to make each match more spectacular and engaging for followers. Each team represents a different city in India. Thus, they have their own attributes in clothes and other stuff that make them unique and recognized in each IPL season. Such details might seem insignificant, but they add drive into the match game and help the viewers to keep track of their favorites, especially when watching the IPL league online.

Every person, when embarking on some business, is willing to reach the goal. It is often related to the question of earning money from the job they do. IPL is the best platform for those sportsmen who want to devote their lives to cricket and conquer the heights in this direction. IPL is considered one of the highly paid tournaments in the world. Thus, the players are willing to join it in order to gain fame and become globally recognized and receive a decent salary for the tournament. The IPL base offers quite affordable requirements for cricketers to enter the IPL community and make strides in their cricket careers. Mostly, the IPL teams contain Indian players — they are the best performers on the field as cricket is likely to run through their veins. But the IPL committee welcomes foreign cricket players well-trained and skilled and with high records. Overseas players are likely to spice up the teams’ lineups and make the cricket performance even more attractive. There is a tendency for more foreign cricketers to enter the IPl community every year. And only the best can join one of the remarkable IPL teams.

In addition, each IPL team has its history of successful matches or failed contests. Some of them were to keep the leading position in reaching the finals but without winning the trophy. But it is a good feature that defines the good shape of the team. Others couldn’t even get to the finals because of a lack of skills or strength. And, of course, there is a potentially robust IPL team that has gained the championship more than three times in IPL history. Accordingly, the success or failure of the IPL team depends on:

Lowest Score in IPL

The new 2021 IPL season began comparably better than last season when the world faced a coronavirus outbreak. The 13th edition of IPL was really stressful, and the officials were worried about suspending the tournament for a year. But keeping under control the situation with Covid-19 in India, they could decide and arrange the tournament in the United Arab Emirates. It was a safe decision for the players to fulfill the competition and for cricket fans to follow the tournament online and cheer up their favorites. The IPL schedule for the 13th season was postponed to September 2020. Thus, players, as well as the cricket fans, had to get used to this period of transmission.  The champions of the 13th IPL season became Mumbai Indians.

Right behind the 13th edition, the IPL 2021 was planned to be held in spring as the officials didn’t want to break the usual schedule of the annual IPL. There was not too much time for players to have enough rest between tournaments. But the regular IPL auction renewed the team’s squad and gave breathing to new opportunities. Maybe this became the reason for frequent lowest scores in IPL this season.

Accordingly, it is time to open the cards and have a look at scores IPL teams couldn’t gain in IPL history. There have been 38 occasions of a team not being able to score 100 runs. The previous season it was seen how Kolkata Knight Riders finished with a score of 84 for 8 in their 20 overs. It was evidence of the lowest total in the whole season. But when diving into the records of previous tournaments, even lower scores are found in the IPL. So let’s have a look at five teams with the lowest record in the IPL.

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders’ 67 vs Mumbai Indians

Kolkata Knight Riders are one of the first-formed IPL teams and purposeful in performance. They had an opportunity to become winners once in 2018. They are well-known for their efforts to play better and felt various changes within the squad. But owing to the support of Bollywood stars, they could jump forward significantly. 

When it comes to recalling the past setback, KKR prefers not to look back on the season they failed in 2008. At the first match against Mumbai Indians, they would rather forget it when Brendon McCullum scores 158 runs off 73 balls. It was a great success for another team but not for KKR. This season became unforgettable for KKR due to their loss in Mumbai at the Wankhede Stadium.

Sachin Tendulkar, the captain of Mumbai Indians, won the toss and had an opportunity to choose the bowl first. Accordingly, KKR couldn’t progress in their innings and were losing wickets regularly. Two main figures in KKR were evidence of complete failure: Shaun Pollock (3 for 12) and Dwayne Bravo (2 for 13). Their performance was regarded as the lowest score in the season — 67.

  1. Delhi Daredevils’ 67 vs Kings XI Punjab

Delhi Daredevils started their career in the IPL under this brand name, but later they renamed themselves and presented the franchise under Delhi Capitals. They have been persistent enough when chasing the goal to win each match they competed.

Like any other IPL team, Delhi has moments they would rather not repeat in their experience and don’t boast at all. Delhi Daredevil had several rough seasons in IPL: from 2012 to 2019. In Mohali, the captain of Kings XI Punjab, Glenn Maxwell, was lucky to win the toss, and Delhi was asked to bat.

The 2017 season was specific for total failure from Delhi Capital as they couldn’t get a start because of the strong battle from the player Sandeep Sharma in Kings XI Punjab. He bowled 4 overs by providing only 20 runs and picked up four crucial wickets. Such a strong performance made Delhi feel weak and step back in reaching the goal. As a result, Delhi folded up for 67 runs.

  1. Delhi Daredevils’ 66 vs Mumbai Indian

Keeping in mind that the IPL tournament consists of several home and away matches, in the same 2017 season, Dehli Daredevils (with the current name Delhi Capitals) showed another drawback of their team when they couldn’t gather themselves and provide a worthy game.

In the contest against Mumbai Indians, Dehli played a week after their loss against Kings XI Punjab (currently named Punjab Kings). Captain Zaheer Khan sent Mumbai Indians into bat. Under the knocks of Kieron Pollard and Lendl Simmons, Delhi reached 212 for 3 runs. Chasing a big total, Delhi lost their control at all. In the beginning, it was 6 for 2, then 20 for 3, next 35 for 5, then 46 for 7, and as a result, 66 bowled out. In such a way, Delhi displayed the lowest score in IPL of that season.

Whatever deal the person gets into, he will face both positive and negative moments. It is normal for the person to learn, understand, accept, and find useful methods or tactics to improve the business he devotes himself to. The same is about every IPL team, especially Delhi Capitals. They have never given up. The spirit of win is so strong, and their performance in 2021 IPL confirms it.

  1. Rajasthan Royals’ 58 vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

The story of the Rajasthan Royals is quite interesting. In 2008 they started their career in the IPL and consequently won the inaugural edition of the IPL. This team is of great potential and, at the same time, has been in the highlight of scandals and controversies.

In 2009, they competed against Royal Challengers Bangalore and ended up seventh. It was visible that there was no chance for RCB to win despite the inexperience of the opposite team. Bangalore could manage only 133 for 8 in 20 overs thanks to the recent appointment of new captain Kevin Pietersen and Rahul Dravid.

The following season differed utterly. Noone in Rajasthan Royals could imagine what they were to face. Totally, they bowled out for 58 as the champions scored the lowest record in the league in 2008. They kept this record till 2017. 

  1. Royal Challengers Bangalore’s 49 vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the most supported cricket teams which fan base is significantly large. Thanks to key players, their performance engages more viewers and wins more followers that help them feel confident and worth passing through each competition. They are excellent goal achievers in strategy, but they have not reached the championship yet when it comes to respective actions. However, what doesn’t kill them, make them stronger. It is about Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Within the two top highest totals in IPL history, Royal Challengers Bangalore also stood out as the lowest team score. Regardless of prominent figures within the team — Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, and AB de Villiers — the tournament in 2017 became fatal for RCB. By reaching the goal of 132 runs against KKR, they couldn’t imagine what failure they would face ahead. The contest between RCB and KKR was conducted at Eden Gardens. KKR started the game with the flier when Narine made 34 runs from 17 balls. Hence, the spinners of RCB Pawan Negi and Yuzvendra Chahal shared five wickets between them in order to limit the hosts for 132 runs.

Nobody knew what misfortunate they confronted then. The figures of Colin de Grandhomme, Nathan Coulter-Nile, and Chris Woakes got three wickets each, while Umesh Yadav received one wicket. In such an unspectacular and hopeless demonstration, none of the batsmen of RCB handled a double score, and they failed for 49 runs. Due to their weakness, RCB was considered to hold the top record for the highest score alongside the lowest ever score in the IPL.

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