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Is IPL 2021 Mega Auction?

The IPL Auctions are an integral part of a franchised-based cricket tournament. It is impossible to form strong and competitive teams and make IPL spectacular without this activity. Thanks to the IPL Auctions, cricket players worldwide have an opportunity to get a chance to be engaged in the best T20 teams on the planet.

When it comes to the 14th IPL season in 2021, the mega auction didn’t occur because of the limited time and other issues, as one of the BCCI officials stated. Instead, the
mini-auction of IPL 2021 was held on the 18th of February, 2021. One more reason why the IPL auction wasn’t mega is no addition of two new participating teams in IPL 2021 as it was supposed before. These two teams will play in the IPL 2022 season when they get introduced.

Thus, only eight franchises are involved in the worldwide cricket tour this year, representing eight different Indian cities. So, each of them could bid for a few new players to strengthen their squad and conquer the heights in the biggest cricket tournament.

The IPL 2021 Auction is essential for players and teams themselves as for cricket fans. Before every IPL tournament, everybody gets prepared: players — to succeed in their sports career as professional cricketer, fans — to learn strong and weak sides of each team squad and particular players, so they can place the right bet on them and win.

Seasoned fans are willing to go through the detailed process of events vital for IPL 2021: from auction to the tournament itself. That’s why we want to remind the most important actions every fan or follower should know about the IPL 2021 Players Auction.

  1. Teams preparation. The IPL 2021 auction offers a range of preparatory work for teams to consider. Each team undergoes time-consuming discussions with the staff, the coaches, retained players, and captains before the auction hosts. To partake in this event, they need clearly to know who they want to add to the team and how much money they can spend on a particular player. Such a team strategy is provided by coaches and captains in the IPL auction.
  2. Players selection. This point differs from the type of IPL auction is conducted. In the IPL mini-auction, each team has a right to retain or release any number of players, while in the IPL mega auction, there is a limit of a maximum of five players to retain.

When dealing with the base price for each player, it ranges from 20 lacs to 2 crores. An Indian player has a contract with the State Associations, informing BCCI about the player’s base price. The player has a right to increase or decrease a price. The players overseas provide their own base price.

  1. Auction rules on the team squad. Each IPL team can have a maximum of 25 players and a minimum of 17 players. They can be both capped and uncapped when it comes to Indian players. Their number in the squad mustn’t be more than 8.

Therefore, 1114 players registered for the IPL 2021 Auction, but only 292 players were shortlisted. Among them, 164 are Indian players, 125 are overseas players, and three from Associate Nations. Before the mini-auction, cumulatively 139 players are retained and will participate in IPL 2021 for the same team they played for in the last season. And 57 players were released by respective teams. Thus, each team is appropriately staffed to compete in the IPL 2021 championship.

Moreover, there are some obvious differences between the IPL Mega Auction and the IPL Mini Auction. They are the following:

Each of these IPL Auctions possesses its own rules and helps orchestrate the team squad by sticking to a budget every team should follow and reinforce it by adding new potential players.

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Is IPL 2021 Mega Auction?

The IPL Auctions are an integral part of a franchised-based cricket tournament. It is impossible to form strong and competitive teams and make IPL spectacular without this activity. Thanks to the IPL Auctions, cricket players…

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